Before you get in contact with me, it is important to read the following terms and understand how I work:

* Always but always provide informations about your project, send me music links, examples & references of what you’re looking for.  If you have a specific idea in mind then try to explain it to me as best as you can otherwise it will be hard to guess what you want. Once I examine everything from my side, I will get back to you with an offer which is going to be based on your needs and of course I will provide an estimated timeline.

* Please know that people hire me several weeks or months in advance so having a basic timeline is mandatory. Of course I receive fast requests too and I often say yes to them but there will be an additional fee for that.

* Fixed ideas are fine by me although do not expect me to adapt on them 100% so be open-minded and respect my creative vision. I am an artist too, having my own style and it is very important to work with people that allow me having freedom on my creations without getting too much into my shoes. I hope you understand what I mean by that cause it’s not personal. If you need a professional help and you came to me then it means you want to see my Art and what I can deliver inspired by your music so let me do that in order both of us to have a good time.

* I prefer an email communication ( gogomelone [@] gmail.com ) so be active via email while working with me as I will be too. If I send you something then respond to it and send me your feedback in a reasonable amount of time. If you delay then I will delay as well and give priority to other clients who are taking my work seriously.

* All files are provided in specific formats that we have discussed previously but if you need additional files then you must inform me asap and not during a final stage.

* I always keep a pack up of every project I work on but I suggest to do the same thing just in case of an emergecy.

* A payment upfront is mandatory unless you hire me to create a full CD package (CD Art, Booklet, Digipak, Photo editing etc.). For such project we are going to have a payment plan starting with 50% of the package amount paid as deposit and the rest of it before finishing my work for you. Of course you will be receiving previews of my designs during the whole time to where we can check things together, do adjustments if necessary etc.

* I accept payments via Bank Transfer or PayPal. The PayPal fee should be paid by the client because this is NOT a part of my fee.

* Please respect my work and do NOT delay our payment plan. If there is any problem then contact me and inform me.

* Two or three adjustments on an artwork can be done for free. Any further edits will be charged additionally.

* My graphics are copyrighted so do NOT edit or change anything yourself. This also applies for color profiles as this can cause a huge damage both to the design and the physical items too (CDs, T-shirts etc.)

* Always tag my name and page while sharing the artwork through social media and I will re-post it too. At this way we work together and help each other.
If you do it via Facebook, write my name (Gogo Melone) and use the following link: https://www.facebook.com/gogomeloneartworks/
If you do it via Instagram, use the following: @gogomelone

* If you print physical copies with my artwork ( CDs / VINYL / T-SHIRTS etc. ) then I would appreciate it a lot if you send me merch via post. I like collecting everything.

Thank you