Book cover for the sci-fi novel “Shadow Dragon” by Wade Coleman.

I have the pleasure to present my collaboration with the author Wade Coleman coming from USA and here’s the book cover I did for his first sci-fi novel named “Shadow Dragon“. A wonderful and interesting story unfolds and I’m sure you would like to read it. “Shadow Dragon” has just released online via amazon under e-book format while physical copies will be available later. If you wish to purchase which I suggest you to do it, please follow the link here

“Shadow Dragon” Summary: 
“Hermes Conrad is a thief and a mutant. He can move along a shadows edge, taking him from one place to another in seconds flat, a talent he has perfected as a master thief. Just before a big score, he meets Kim, a telepathic hooker on the run from the Inner City Gang. She has vital information regarding a virus scientifically engineered to kill off the entire mutant population. 

Together, they uncover a sinister plot that takes them into high society, the military’s elite, Asian traditions, and into the very hands of a human monster who is willing to stop at nothing to make his vision a reality. 

Still, there is more going on than Hermes and Kim can understand. The lure of the Kukan Dragon – a rare and priceless artifact that holds and even rarer and more priceless gem – is calling to Hermes. He cannot resist showcasing his talent to obtain it. 

And between the shadows, another world has begun to reveal itself…”