A Pook is Born - Book One

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A Pook is Born - Available now!


I don't do book covers so often (such a shame) but when I do I like to work on different things and experiment with my own style.

Thanks to the authors Heather Wood & VK Lynne for trusting in me.

Title: A Pook is Born (Book One of the Pook Chronicles) 

Story: Blue-haired tattoo artist Rae, who lives a peaceful life in West Hollywood with her roomate, Comet (a powerful-dressing drag queen) suddenly finds herself in deep shit when she discovers she's the target of two intergalactic bounty hunters. When a ball of pink fur known only as "Pook" drops into her life, the trio outrun both slaughter and seduction by the handsome hunters. 

But Rae has a secret that is bigger than all of them... and they are almost out of the peanut butter.

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