Frequently Asked Questions

I want to get an artwork from you. Can you help?

Of course I can and I'm here to provide you the best. But it's very important for me to have a clear view about your needs so I would like you to send me info about your project and share your ideas in case you have something particular in mind. I'll reply to you asap. On my website you can find a list with selected artworks that are available for sale so before you contact make sure to have a look there. Maybe you can find something that suits to your needs. In this case please contact with me and I'll inform you about how you can purchase it.

What's your rates?

I used to get paid with hours but not anymore. I believe that each artwork needs different approach and time of work so the prices depends from your needs and the difficulty of the project. But for sure, my rates are lower from an agency. I have several offers to provide that normally covers multiple uses so I can guarantee that in the end you will be more than happy with the result.

Where I can find Artworks for Sale?

On my Portfolio there is a special category for this named "Covers for sale". There you can see what's available now. In case you're interested to purchase something please contact with me via email.

Why to buy this and not ask you to create for me a new artwork?

If you have particular ideas but the artworks I have cannot cover your needs, I have no problem to design something new for you. The reason I always recommend to people to check this section is because these artworks are ready to purchase them directly plus the prices are lower than starting a new project so you might be interested. Regardless of what you will choose, I'm here to help you so we will talk for the details.

Do you have copyright terms?

Yes I have, my work and this website are protected so please do NOT use or try to steal anything for commercial/personal use without permission and credits to me and my models. This kind of information you can only take them by me. Many times people asked me to use my artworks for blogs, wallpapers and postcards but I don't give permission to such things unless it's a good business deal that we can both be denefited by this. In case you see any of my images somewhere without my permission or my credits please contact with me immediately at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

What you need from me to start working?

As everyone in the business, I have some terms to protect my work and our collaboration from possible misunderstandings. I'm here to provide you my skills and I'm very open-minded to discuss all your ideas but I don't like to work with "words in the air" so for this we need to make a schedule together, have a deadline that ensures you I will deliver the project in a reasonable period of time and you will pay me for what we agreed. I might need some files from you, learn more by reading this (PDF).

Can you work for me for free and do exchange of services?

No guys, this is my real job and consider that I put all my heart and effort to make it right. In case you have financial problems or spent a lot of money making other things please do not use it to make me feel bad. It cannot affect me to provide you graphics for free unless it's about charity or any organisation that protects animals, children, environment etc. - In this case, I will ask you to send me proofs of who you are and what you do.

Do we have the right to modify your artwork after it's done, change colors etc. before the printing?

Please DON'T. This is very serious, can destroy the quality of my work and I care a lot about this. I'm 100% responsible for all the graphics I provide so if you want after time to modify something, please ask me and I'll do it for you. Often labels or managers like to control everything and sometimes will ask you to change something that has already been made by someone else. I will not say it's disrespectful to enter in foreign fields, I will let it to your own judgement but in case you have an issue with the graphics, you always have to contact with your designer cause his/her is the only one that can help you.